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About SWS-Logos

You can change the standard Start Up, Waiting and Shut Down logos (SWS-logos) in Windows 95 manually. But WSAR can do it all for you.
However you can't use every picture as a SWS-logo. A SWS-logo must comply to the following restrictions.
  • It must be a Windows Bitmap file (BMP).
  • It must have an 8 bits depth. This means 256 colors.
  • It must have the size 320 x 400 pixels.
  • The file size is 129,078 bytes.
There are several web-sites were you can download SWS-logos or you can create them with a painting program. Just remember the restrictions a SWS-logo has.

NOTE: The restrictions of SWS-logos don't apply to the wallpaper, they can be any size and may contain any number of colors.

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