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Where did I see this red ball before? http://www.gwobbel.com  Not here, this one is the same.

About me
Picture of my homeMost likely nobody is going to read this so I'm going to keep this short.

My name is Marijn Kampf. I was born on the 6th of july in the year 1978 at 16.20 hours. I'm still living in the same house where I was born. My hometown Soest lies in the middle of the Netherlands. There is a picture of me on my morph page.

I'm currently studying Informatics in Utrecht. My interests are everything that has to do with computers. E.g. programming, playing computer games, creating webpages.
Other interest of me are mountain biking, kung fu and reading books (fantasy: Tad Williams, Robert Jordan, Jean M. Auel, ...).

uring my last apprenticeship I've created several websites which use Active Server Pages. These pages for my own homepage also use php.

If you like to see another page I've made look at The Marijn Page.

Blue ball? Who put this one here?
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