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Where did I see this red ball before? http://www.gwobbel.com  Not here, this one is the same.

Gwobbel the Friendly dragonHi there,

Welcome to my homepage. If you've been here before you can see that I have restyled my re-re-restyled homepage. In other words I had a new idea for a website layout. Let me know what you think of it.

You may find several thinks on my web pages. If you're looking for one of my programs, WinScreens Selector and Randomizer you're in the right place. You can also get wallpapers to randomize with WSAR here.

There is various other stuff I've created. Look at the My Art part for Ascii Art, Smiles and other stuff I've created with my computer.

Finally there's something About Me (in case, you're interested) and links I find interesting or entertaining.

I'm updating my pages every now and than, so check back here for new stuff.

Marijn Kampf

Everything on my webpages is created (and copyrighted) by me unless noted otherwise. If you would like to use a part from my page i.e. an gif ask me first! The only exceptions are the wallpapers from my wallpaper page, you may use them for personal use on your computer.

Blue ball? Who put this one here?
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