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Screen capture of WinScreens SelectorWinScreens Selector and Randomizer (WSAR) is a program to randomize you Start Up, Waiting, Shut Down screens and your wallpaper. The randomizer will automatically change your screens every time your computer starts up.

For each screen there is a separate list. You can easily add and remove files from each screen list. You can also get a preview of a picture.

You can use JPG, JIF, GIF, BMP, DIB, RLE, TGA and PCX formats as wallpaper files. If you use JPG or GIF files in stead of BMP you will save a considerable amount of harddisk space. The wallpaper can automatically be fitted to you screen size.

You can download the shareware version. After you've tried it you can register it for only USD 15 or Hfl 30 and get rid of the nag screen.

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