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What was new
[26 october 1999]
Added the Pepsi Cola Smile my collection and a link to the links section.

[10 october 1999]
Added the Blackhole, Solar eclips and Sun smile to my collection.

[6 october 1999]
Added the Fat and Eskimo smile to my collection.

[5 october 1999]
Restyled my webpages again. I will add a page where you can see my old pages sometime in the next few weeks.

[28 september 1999]
Added a large Fuzzy smile to the Smilepaper section.

[16 september 1999]
Added a wallpaper to the Miscellaneous section.

[12 september 1999]
Added the flag smiles Greece and Portugal and added a EU smilepaper.

[9 september 1999]
Added a lot of smiles. I'm now have 100 smiles! Also added banners to my pages. Please support my site by visiting my sponsers.

[26 august 1999]
Removed the NFS II page and moved my smiles page to the main link list. Altered the links page and made some small changes in some other pages.

[18 august 1999]
Added pictures of my holiday to France to my Wallpaper pages.

[15 august 1999]
Made a little change to the smiles page again and I've removed some typos.

[31 july 1999]
Some major changes to the smiles page. You can now choose the order in which they are displayed and the layout is much improved. Also added a lot of smiles.

[30 july 1999]
Added 5 smiles to my smiles pages and added a link to the ascii-art links page.

[29 july 1999]
Added a smilepaper with the names of all the smiles.

[20 july 1999]
Added my site to the wallpaper ring.

[13 june 1999]
Added FAQ page for my WSAR program.

[21 may 1999]
Added graduate smile.

[15 may 1999]
Added another download site for my WSAR program, because the download site wasn't realy reliable.

[6 may 1999]
Changed the lay-out of my homepage. The old one started to look borring again.
Added five new wallpapers to the wallpaper part. (I had another roll of film developed)

[18 apr 1999]
Added better looking logo to my wallpapers and added a www.gwobbel.com logo wallpaper to my collection.

[16 apr 1999]
Added the lady-bird smiles to the smiles page.

[10 apr 1999]
Added a new Test pattern, baby, mickey and cyclopse smiles to the smiles page.
Added a smilepapers with all current smiles to the wallpaper section.
Also added a funny bumper sticker on the bottom of each page. In the future I will make them dynamic so that they will change every time you load the page.

[7 apr 1999]
Added a new wallpaper.

[19 feb 1999]
Added a link on my links page to my uncle's webpage

[30 jan 1999]
No change to the content of the pages, but I've added meta tag keywords and I've changed the looks of the wallpaper part.

[24 jan 1999]
Added a morphed picture of myself (164K)

[21 jan 1999]
I found an old wallpaper from a picture I took in '96 and added it to my collection.

[17 jan 1999]
Added another four smiles. (UN soldier, Soldier, King and Earth smile).

[14 jan 1999]
Added animated windows start-up smile! logo.

[11 jan 1999]
Changed the Links section. Divided the links in seperate pages according to subject. (I will add more links soon).

[4 jan 1999]
The wallpapers now open in a smaller pop-up window. (This doesn't work in the main wallpaper part, but I'm working on that).
Added some smilepapers to the wallpaper section.

[1 jan 1999]
Changed the looks from my pages completely. You can now view the pages without the need of the navigation frame.
Added new wallpapers.

[29 dec 1998]
Added some smiles.

[8 dec 1998]
Added the transformer smile to my pages. I liked it so much that I've added it on both the smiles and animated gifs pages. Also added the scottish smile.

[6 dec 1998]
Added my first java applet (the smile clock) to the banner.
Three new smiles. Bandage, Bloody mesh and Sad smile.
Changed my NFS page (which is now removed).
Added this what's new section.

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