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Where did I see this red ball before? http://www.gwobbel.com  Not here, this one is the same.

[Animated smiles]

Animated Gifs
I used the first image on my old website. This new website is permanently expanding and changing. (If all goes well). So I've no use for it anymore.
It took me too much time to create the image the way I wanted and it's a shame if it won't be used again. So here it is:
(No) work in progress
(No) work in progress.

I had some animated smiles gifs on this page. But IE doesn't like too much animated gifs on one page. So I've move them to the animated smiles page.

Animated gif, don't know the english name for the actual object Stapler
These two pictures are converted from flic files I created in '95.

E-mail me if you'd like to use them.

[Animated smiles]
Blue ball? Who put this one here?
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