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Where did I see this red ball before? http://www.gwobbel.com  Not here, this one is the same.

Family links
The websites on this page are made by my relatives. They both have some excellent pictures on them.
Sunset in the Oostvaardersplassen from Hans Kampf's site
A family link

Link to the website of my father, Hans, about Grazing in nature reserves. He has pictures of large herbivors. http://hans.kampf.org

Pinquins from Ruud Kampfs siteOsprey from Ruud Kampfs site

Another family link

Link to the site of my uncle and aunt, Ruud and Kitty Kampf
You can find some real nice pictures they took during trips in very foreign countries.
(Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Oman, Antarctica, Germany, Mexico and more)

Blue ball? Who put this one here?
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